Building strong bodiesempowering young minds

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a modern martial art, harnesses physical techniques and strategic thinking to boost physical fitness, agility, and confidence in youths. It engages them in an active lifestyle, enhances self-discipline, and teaches respect for others, all while providing a fun and interactive environment.

Duration55 Minutes
Fitness & SkillAll Levels

The right balance between discipline and fun

At its core, effective learning for kids is rooted in fun. Our approach is hands-on, structured, and infused with games, steering clear of monotony and repetition. By fostering a competitive yet playful atmosphere, we capture their attention, encouraging youths to innovate and express themselves freely. Here, they acquire the tools for success, emboldened to explore, improvise, and even devise their own techniques.

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What type of classis this exactly?

This is a group setting specifically tailored for youths aged 10-15, designed to introduce them to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The environment is interactive, providing hands-on training that encourages active engagement between peers and guidance from adult instructors, making learning both fun and effective.

Is my childa fit for BJJ?

Our program welcomes youths across all skill and fitness levels. To truly understand if this experience resonates with your child, we recommend participating in a free trial class. This hands-on approach allows both you and your child to gauge their response and enthusiasm directly.

What do I need tobring to this class?

Essentials include a bottle of water and comfortable athletic wear, as we practice in everyday sports attire instead of traditional Gi uniforms. Sessions are conducted barefoot to ensure safety. We also advise that participants trim their fingernails and toenails and maintain personal hygiene with a shower before class for the comfort and well-being of all members.


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