Train with theLocal BJJ Community

Refine techniques, spar with diverse partners, and elevate your skillset every session. Open Mat is where the local community gathers to share, learn, and grow together.

Duration90 Minutes
Fitness & SkillAll Levels
Non-Members$15 Drop-In Fee

Self-Guided Training:Your Approach, your pace

Open Mat sessions are your personal canvas: a chance to train, drill, and spar at your own rhythm. Whether you’re refining a technique or exploring new strategies, this is your time to personalize your growth. All skill levels are welcome; the mat is your domain to harness skills and set your own challenges.

Who can attendOpen Mats?

Any current Pine BJJ Member or member of an established BJJ gym is welcome to join the Open Mat sessions. Non-members will be required to pay a nominal drop-in fee to participate.

What happens atOpen Mats?

Open Mats are self-guided training sessions without a structured class format. Upon arrival, participants typically begin with a light warm-up followed by either drilling techniques of their choice or engaging in sparring (“rolling”) with partners. There’s no set curriculum; instead, it’s a time for individuals to work on areas they feel need attention.

Should I attendOpen Mats?

Absolutely! Open Mats are a fantastic opportunity for practitioners of all levels to refine their skills, get extra mat time, and train with a variety of partners. Additionally, it’s a great time to ask questions and seek feedback from peers and senior practitioners. The atmosphere is collaborative, and everyone is there to help each other grow.

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