Elevate your gameon the competitive stage

Our Competition Team focuses on advanced techniques and rigorous training regimens, preparing members for the intensity of the competitive stage. Engage in specialized drills, strategic sparring, and peak performance conditioning to stand out in the world of NoGi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

CompeteEvery 3 months
Fitness & SkillHigh

Prepare fortough battles

Whether you’re gearing up for the intense battles of Submission-Only, strategizing for ADCC challenges, mastering the nuances of IBJJF and EBI rules, training for high-stakes MMA bouts, or readying for the team dynamics of Quintet, we ensure you’re primed to excel in every contest. Dive into the multifaceted realm of NoGi and MMA competition with us and be battle-ready for any stage.

Meet thecompetition crew

Drive - Resilience - Adaptability -

What drives usto Compete?

Competition provides a tangible goal to work towards, pushing you to refine your techniques and strategies under pressure. Testing yourself in competition not only accelerates your learning but also builds mental toughness, resilience, and a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas of improvement. Furthermore, competing allows you to represent your town, represent your gym and be a part of a larger BJJ community, fostering camaraderie, mutual respect, and a shared passion.

How do I jointhe Comp Team?

Our competition team is reserved for those serious about winning. You must be invited or try-out in addition to meeting fitness, skill and travel requirements.

Can my businessbecome a sponsor?

We are looking for local businesses to support our team. We represent Colville, Stevens County and Northeast Washington. If you’d like to help members of our community win and achieve abroad, contact business@pinebjj.com

Are you interested?Request a try-out

There are no guarantees you’ll be accepted, but if you meet our standard we’ll give you a shot at a trying out. Don’t worry if you’re not ready. Competing is just one part of grappling and not required to enjoy training. You might find the competitive fire later on or fit better in a different role.

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